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At BISJHINTUS, we strive to nurture the habit of learning with smart tools that make it a unique experience.


Gain an edge and design the career you want createa a bright future with us.



Use your expertise and develop your journey further. Build and vibrant career in an inclusive space.



Get the best chance to discover where you excel. You will get many learning and growing opportunities.



Why does Bisjhintu's believe blue and education are interconnected?

Why does organisational individuality matter to us?

"Goals. Making people successful in changing world."


Our technical team installs and repair software and applications, troubleshoots and conducts regular test and maintaneance to ensure a smoother workflow


We have a dedicated team of teachers who are well versed in the mechanics of teaching, including planning curricula, delivering lectures, researching and grading.


Be alive with FAQ

1. How long should my resume/CV be?

Answer. A resume should be at least one page long, and a CV can have a maximum of one-hundred pages.

2. What do I write if I don't have any experience in the job field I'm applying to?

Answer. Try to highlight your other past activities and experiences that may help portray any sought-after soft skills you posses.

3. How many interviews should I have to go through if I get shorlisted?

Answer. For a job application, you have to go through three interviews, which are; Verbal+written interview -> Pre-technical round -> Technical interview. For internship applications, you only have to go through two of them, Pre-technical and technical interview.

5. How do I signup for contact opportunities?

Answer. All you have to do is apply for a contact opportunity through our job portal, the Bisjhintu's career page and then , if you get shorlisted based on your application, wait for our call regarding the next steps.

6. What's the procedure for an internship?

Answer. Once you've applied for the internship, you just have to wait for our call. We will schedule an interview with you if you get shorlisted. If in the interview you get selected, you would just have to sign an NDA with us, and you're ready to go.

7. Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?

Answer. If the candidate has the appropriate skills for the job/jobs, they can apply for any number of jobs.

8. Does Bisjhintu's provide flexible work hours?

Answer. The working hours depend on the type of employment. Interns haev flexible working hours depending on their work, while employees have fixed timings.

9. Are there application deadline?

Answer.No, you can fill the application and upload it whenever you see fit.

10. Can i withdraw my application?

Answer. Yes, you can. You could do that by contacting us at ou email id: [email protected].

11. What is my application status?

Answer. To know your application status, contact us either at our email id or phone number provides under the contact details.